Later the next morning, after being rescued from drowning, Tails ran back inside the house. His fur was now a very pale whitish orange covered with pink spots, his eyes were bloodshot and swollen and his nose was runny, stuffy and red instead of usually black. He was sneezing and coughing. A cloud of fumes hovered around him. He walked slowly barefoot to Sonic. He groaned in pain, his voice sounded really groggy and raspy.

"Are you okay, Tails?" Sonic asked Tails.

"I... *cough* ... I don't know, Sonic... *cough, cough*..." Tails said between coughs as he emitted fumes.

Sonic got a whiff and his eyes glazed over.

"Tails, you're sick. You stink." Sonic said.

"I'm sorry, Sonic..." Tails said. "Huhh... Huhcheww!"

A few steps to his bed, Tails sneezed. Sonic could see mucous beginning to drip from his nose. He took another, and collapsed on the ground. Sonic rushed to his side. He felt his forehead.

"Tails, you have a fever. Let's get you into bed," he said.

Sonic helped him to his bare feet. He picked him up with both his hands. Slowly, the pair moved towards Tails' bed. Sonic lifted Tails into beed.

"Th-thanks, Sonic..." Tails said. "Huh-huh... Huuuhcheeeeew!"

Sonic grabbed a box of tissues and put them next to Tails. He grabbed one and began cleaning the mucous off of his face. He could feel his nostrils flaring beneath the tissue. His mouth opened.

"Sonic... Huhh... igotta..."

Sonic grabbed a fresh tissue and held it to Tails' nose. He sneezed. "Huhh... HuhhhCHEEW!"

"Let me take your temperature, Tails..." Sonic whispered, and Tails opened his mouth and let his place a thermometer under his tongue.

He was still and silent until the thermometer beeped. He took it out and read it. It was 86.5 degrees.

"You've got a bad fever, Tails." Sonic said, putting the thermometer from Tails' mouth. "There's only thing to cure sickness."

"I know..."

Before Tails could finish, Sonic grabbed him and rushed to the bathtub. He was wearing a gas mask. Soap, sponges, and scrub brushes were applied to every square inch of Tails' sick and filthy body. He enjoyed the experience a bit. Sonic dunk his hand under the water, then pull the drain plug to empty the tub. Now several towels came into play. Sonic dried Tails' body, standing behind him and pulling the towel taut as if shining a shoe, and he blow-dried his fur with enough force to lock him off his feet. When the bath was finished, he stood before Sonic, wrapped in towels. He was now feeling better, and his fur was now restored to orange again.

"Now, then. See, Tails?" Sonic asked. "Don't you feel better now that you're all squeaky clean?"

"Yes, I am," Tails said.

A few minutes later, Tails, the orange two-tailed barefoot fox, ran happily outside. When he did, a he saw a yellow mongoose that startled him at first, falling backwards, but when a yellow mongoose came in front of him, he realized it was Mina Mongoose. She has yellow fur, long wavy lilac hair and green eyes. She wears a simple midriff-black tank top with a violet front with black straps, violet streaks a black hairband, and large green and purple boots and gauntlets/gloves. Her ears had several piercings and were usually adorned with silver hoops. Tails looked at her.

"Um, hello," Tails said softly. "I'm Tails. What's your name?"

"I'm Mina Mongoose," said a yellow mongoose, smiling in delight.

"You startled me," Tails said shyly.

"I'm sorry I startled you," Mina said, helping him up. "Is this better?"

"Yes," said Tails, blushing and his five-toed bare feet were in front of Mina's boots.

"So, Tails," smiled Mina. "Do you want to come to see the creek?" she asked him.

"Sure," said Tails as he and Mina walked together.

Later, when Tails came to the creek, he stopped and noticed that Mina was walking on a rocky creek. He used his bare feet to walk on a rocky creek. The young orange two-tailed fox smiled and ran barefoot towards the teenage yellow mongoose. He jumped on top of her and they started playing around the forest.

"Tails," said Mina.

"Yes, Mina," said Tails.

"You've forget your gloves, socks and shoes," Mina told Tails, giving him a pair of white gloves, white socks and red and white sneakers.

Tails put his gloves, socks and shoes back on.

"Thank you, Mina," Tails smilied, blushing.

"You're welcome, Tails," Mina said.

"So shall we build a new house?" Tails asked her.

"Sure," Mina said, smiling.

Tails and Mina picked up some firewoods and construction tools. Mina hit a nail into a board as he tightened a loose bolt. He nailed pieces of wooden boards together and Mina hammered a nail into firewood. Tails carved into a plank using a chisel and hammer, creating forest-esque landscape. Mina sawed the firewood in half. Tails stacked long chunks of firewood to build the walls inside a framework of heavy timbers supporting the roof. He and Mina built a new house with cedar, tamarack, pine and pool. Tails used mortar to hold the logs in place and Mina used foam insulation to fill any voids in the middle. Tails embedded glass bottles embedded in the walls that bring beams of colored light into living space. Mina arranged the wood chuck in purposeful designs. Tails used chunks of wood in the wall near the front to make a small fox paw. He and Mina built a small round wooden cottage with a two-layer straw roof with a metal cap of top and put it in the middle of a deep forest, resting by a lake. Tails built rectangular windows around the walls with blinds and two front door. When they finished the house, they brought several cans of paints.

"Just a finish touch," Tails said.

Tails took a screwdriver and carefully opened up the lid. He used his tails as paintbrush, dipped them into the can. He painted the house chocolate brown in mere seconds with his twin tails. Mina gave him a big thumbs up.

"We're done!" Tails explained.

"Let's go inside," Mina said.

Tails and Mina came in a newly-built house. They realized it only has four small rooms; the first room was a bathroom, the second a bedroom, the third a living room and the fourth a kitchen. He had an idea. He went to the bathroom, panted the walls white and built a small bathroom and toilet, several towel rings and a round sink. He also went to the bedroom, painted the walls yellow, build a small bunk beds and a narrow nightstand in place of the other furniture. He also went to the living room, painted the walls pale blue, and threw furniture into the room at super speed, including a green couch, a sofa, a modernized coffee table, a tall lamp, a fire place and a book case embedded in the wall. He also went to the kitchen and painted the walls pink. He built a sink, desk, fridge, dinner table and stools. He brought an oven, a refrigerator, a kitchen table, two chairs, a toaster, food processor, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and a portable television. He threw two pots and a pan onto the oven.

"There's something missing," Tails thought, and then had an idea.

He built a windmill on the roof and a waterwheel on the side, the latter which was driven by a small creek. He also built a water tank, connected to the house by a small pipe, and a two-story tall, rectangular wooden barn with a curved black tin roof next to his new house, several entrances, including sliding doors and a first-story door on the front and doorways on the side, each with a tin overhang. Mina built garage on the side and a platform with a large windmill and chimney on the top of the roof. Tails went inside a barn and built a number of things, including a workbench, a forge, shelves with different mechanical parts and video games, panels with tools, and a small toilet. He built a 23-foot-long, triple-engine four-bladed propeller-powered biplane with a rectangular body and a double cockpit that contain eight passenger seats at the back. He also built two open cockpits with a windshield on the front. He painted the biplane yellow with a dark gray segment on the bottom black engine on the front with four-bladed propeller between the middle of the wings on each side two smaller light below it. He curved two wings up at the tips and equipped them with handles for passengers to hold onto and turnable jet engines. He emblazoned its rear with his symbol and added a bobble head of an air captain. He also painted the nose rim and the wings' sides yellow, and adorned each the tip of the wings with a light blue light with a raise and wide empennage.

"EERKYA!" Tails exclaimed, and smiled with joy.