Tails decides to drink one magic bean from someone else's fridge and he ate them all because he was so hungry. Then he got larger and larger and his gloves, socks and shoes are ripped off and he saw his friends and he yell "AHHHHHHH What's Happening" Blaze did not mention there was a giant fox. The police say Freeze but tails slam the cars by his big paw. Sonic says "What's going on I cannot, Is that Eggman I go better check." Tails ate Eggman's newest invention and he swallow it and glup with water. He relax and play with his fluffy paw. BLaze and Sonic found out that was not Eggman and Eggman yelled out "Oh Please there is a giant fox and i have no way to stop him, I also lost my magic bean to grow bigger." Tails continues to destroy the world of Mobious, he turns from disneyland into Rough Draft Studios Land, thre Nickelodeon Studios into space and crash the disneyland and mixed that up using his hands, tails and feet into Rough Draft Studios and he makes an insane laugh from Ren and Stimpy.

"I heard something look really weird and unusual" Blaze muttered that she is about to be scared and Sonic is getting fustrated. and then Eggman joins the croods and he throws normal size bean inside tails' mouth then he began to shrink back to normal size. Sonic was angry until he realized that Tails was hungry Sonic released Tails from the prison a day later.


Tails: Hmmm! What's under Eggman's bed. Hmm yum beans! I did not have beans for so long. Oh well I will eat them all! The Fridge, it has all beans.

Eggman: What's that smells! No, That roden hedgehog is eating all my large beans and where are they!

Orbot: Its all gone now! Means we have to get a new on to buy it.


Tails: Hmm that looks good. Uh Oh! i ate too much What's Happening! AHH My gloves they are gone and my footwears is getting ripped off now! I am now nowhere to wear anymore because I ate too much! AHHHH! Sonic Help Me!

Sonic: Ahh! Another fresh day without what Eggman who build a fox! I'm Sure who did that.

Blaze: Omphs! Sonic! Come Back here!

Sonic: Sorry Blaze! Oh hi!