Miles "Tails" Prower, an orange two-tailed fox with light blue eyes wearing white gloves and socks and red and white sneaker shoes, was walking through a lakeside forest along with Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog with green eyes wearing a red dress and boots, white gloves, gold rings and red hairband, Cream, a creamy white and brown rabbit with cinnamon-brown eyes, wearing vermillion dress, white gloves, cobalt tie, white socks and yellow and vermillion shoes, Cheese, her pet light blue Chao with dark blue eyes and red bow tie. They all had camping gear strapped to their backs.

"Oh, boy!" Tails explained. "We're going camping. Isn't that exciting?"

"Yes," Amy and Cream said.

When they arrived at the camp, Tails, Amy and Cream unpacked their camping gears, assembled their tents, and set up for a campfire.

"Amy, Cream," Tails said. "This is a camping spot."

"Wow!" Amy explained. "How did you do that?"

"I set up for a campfire," Tails went on as Cream's stomach rumbled, saying "I'm hungry."

Tails had an idea and opened up his backpack, taking out a bag of hot dogs, hot dog buns, squeeze bottles of chili, a piece of cheddar cheese and a cheese grater. He opened a bag of hot dogs and hot dog buns

"Tails, what are you making?" Amy asked.

"I'm making chili dogs," Tails answered, starting a fire, toasting four hot dogs. Using a fork, he took four hot dogs and put them in four hot dog buns. Using a squeeze bottle, he put chili on them. Then, he finished them off by putting several strands of cheese on them. He gave three chili dogs with cheese strands to Amy, Cream and Cheese, who were sitting near the campfire.

"Chili dogs!" Cream said happily as she took her first bite and ate it. Cheese did the same thing. Amy and Tails ate the chili dogs and swallowed them.

"That chili dogs taste great," Amy said.

A few scones later, Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese walked to the lake.

"Oh my gosh!" Tails explained. "Isn't it beautiful?"

"Yes," Amy and Cream said.

"I know. We're going swimming," Tails said.

Cream was nervous about swimming. Tails removed his gloves, his shoes and socks, revealing a pair of orange bare hands and five-toed bare feet. He walked barefoot and jumped into the lake with a splash.

"Hey, Amy, Cream, Cheese, come on in!" Tails explained. "The water is fine!"

"I'm gonna do it quick and get it over with." Cream said as she removed her gloves, shoes and socks, revealing a pair of creamy white bare hands and five-toed bare feet and put them next to Tails' shoes and sock.

Cream ran barefoot and jumped in the water, shouting "Cannonball!" as Cheese followed her.

"Hi, Tails!" Cream said.

"All right, Cream, you made it!" Tails said. "Come on, Amy! In here!"

"Well, I'll do it." Amy said as she removed her gloves, boots and socks, revealing a pair of pink bare hands and five-toed bare feet and put them between Tails' and Cream's shoes.

Amy walked barefoot and jumped in the lake and swam to Tails and Cream.

"Hi, Amy," Tails said.

"This place is great," Amy said, "Come on, let's play.

Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese were playing in the lake.